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So I do a lot of things. From studying to be a future doctor, to medical research, to running my own startup (hopefully saving a few lives on the way), to playing poker professionally – to trolling. Trolling a lot.


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My startup is actually creating an app called Centered Around You, that provides evidence based wellness advice, and powers research into alternative medicine (some of which REALLY do help people), as well as coaching you through various methodologies that could help! Do check that out too!

I’ve also got a med tech startup which may well help a lot of you! Definitely check that out (I’m biased, but I think it’s super cool =P ).

Some of you may know, I’m writing a few books, about the mentality I used to beat cancer, the science I now know backs this, and how YOU can use it to overcome any challenges you’re facing too.

It’s actually written. And it’s free. Click here to check it out. I hope it helps!