His Social Enterprise.

For those who don’t know, as well as being a medical student and research, I’m also a poker professional. And for a long time, I’d been dedicating a portion of my profits (10%) to charity. But after an interesting experience, I decided to go all in. From now on, I intend to donate 100% of my poker profits to research and charity. Including $7000 which I recently won at an event! How? Through a social enterprise I’ve started up.

I went out and took out provisional patents that would solve a problem that takes hundreds of thousands of lives, and costs billions of dollars. It’s basically a device which converts any hospital bed into a hospital bed for 1/10th of the price! Currently, some of the biggest killers of cancer patients like me, the elderly, and the disabled are completely preventable.

Hospital beds alone, by helping people sit up, reduce rates of falls and pneumonias by over 30% each, but our smart sensors underneath this will, for the first time, introduce a product which can warn nursing homes and people at home, of falls, if pressure sores have developed – even if someone’s stopped breathing!

So how’s this going? You know what? We’re going pretty good! We recently won Australian Student Startup of the Year, have a team of experienced engineers who’ve developed a working prototype, and have a few nursing home partners, including some of the biggest nursing homes in Australia! Check it out below – and be sure to check out our website for more information!


To do this, I could use some help. I’ve got a campaign going on GoFundMe – but will have even more awesome coming through in the near watch. Be sure to subscribe at GetToSleepEasy.org/signup for more information and exclusive discounts if you’re interested in the Smart Inclining Bed and Robotic Walker!

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