My Book.

Some of you may know, I’m writing a few books, about the mentality I used to beat cancer, the science I now know backs this, and how YOU can use it to overcome any challenges you’re facing too.

It’s only going to be 30 – 40 pages long. I’m currently awaiting open heart surgery… Just in case I don’t make it… I thought I’d release my first draft here. You can get the most updated version I’m updating as I go along here. You can download a PDF version of it which is slightly older now by clicking here.

If you want to edit things up and point out where issues are, you can also help me edit it while I’m in hospital here –>–Pb00xMNTfr4bire45gtMWct2V5swStFo/edit?usp=sharing

There will be chapters that follow on how I, and indeed, how YOU can learn to ignore pain, and do so automatically, lose weight whilst eating KFC and become the most successful version of yourself (amonst other things).

The research for this was the main task. That’s done. And as it is something based on science, I want to ensure what I say is valid. My startup is not only testing the efficacy of often overblown – but also underlooked – wellness interventions, and things like motivation! Sign up to my email newsletter or check out if you’re interested.

Sign up to my email newsletter (I only send an email or two a month) to get a copy when the final one comes out for real. Hopefully I’ll get to make it much MUCH better than it currently is. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any thoughts on this or wanna reach out.

And in the meantime, do have a look at the videos below, or check out my YouTube (where I’m posting some scheduled messages and videos for myself, and my family, as I go through surgery). I’m doing something similar on my Facebook page. I hope it helps.

Sign up here and help win $100 to your favourite charity (drawn Jan 31 – to a random person who signs up to my email list)! There’s great news. I made it =] Watch my thoughts on how it went here. And I’m home now too! Check out how the device I invented, that won us Australian Student Startup of the Year, is actually helping me during rehabilitation for my procedure!

How I’m feeling now, going in soon, for Open Heart Surgery;