Vaccine for Osteoarthritis could work on Chronic Pain too? Nerve Growth Factor, what is it and how does it work?

So recently, I came across and article which demonstrated efficacy of a vaccine targeting Nerve Growth Pain in mice.

While it’s important to note that these are early stage studies in mice only, and that many mice studies don’t go on to translate in humans, the fact that this hypothesis that nerve growth factor is linked, and therefore a promising target of therapy, has been demonstrated to be true in some ways is highly encouraging. It could even help me with my complex pain conditions! Here’s an article about it on the news which is super easy to understand.

chronic pain vaccine, osteoarthritis vaccine
An osteoarthritis vaccine has gone through early stage mice trials and could help millions!

Available to read at

It can take years for this to come through drug pipelines, but early stage trials could start in as little as a year or two’s time – so look out for these on (a tutorial for this I go into here).

Nerve growth factor is a neuropeptide which is seen used in many instances (regeneration/growth of cells, in the immune system, even in romantic love), but can go amiss in pain. It has been linked to several common diseases, from osteoarthritis, to fibromyalgia, where it is seen at 4x higher levels in sufferers vs normal people, to chronic fatigue patients, to chronic pain in general. Indeed, in chronic pain, antibodies targeting it was shown to be efficacious, but large amounts of joint destruction led to studies on this being stopped. They have since been reinstated and some have shown more safe profiles.

A vaccine may change things, however. And this could be amazing news for many if it passes human safety trials.

Though this may be years away, it is important to do. As noted above, it is implicated in many normal physiological processes as well, so side effects may be more prominent than in vaccines which target certain diseases, usually infectious in nature, and do so safely and effectively.

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But it’s always amazing to see innovations leading to what could be clinical success! Yet another win for modern medicine! Here’s how you too can easily follow up on new trials in something you’re interested in – via



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