Big Pharma Can’t Hide “The Cure/s.” If They Existed, Pharmaceuticals Would Already Have Made BILLIONS Off of It. Wake Up Sheeple. They’re Not Dumb!

So this all started from a Facebook discussion. Yet again, I found myself trying to reason with a brick wall of denial, conspiracy theories and anti-science, baseless rhetoric that is often espoused from the mouth of a “woke” hippy. Towards the end of it, as many who defend Alternative Medicine end up claiming, the lady I was talking to said, “The ONLY reason why there isn’t research for this is because BIG PHARMA can’t PROFIT from anything nAtUrAl.” And that from there, this lady went on to insinuate that 10million researchers and doctors, along with half or billion or so […]

How to Ensure Cancer Treatments Keep Imrpoving and Make the Drug Development Cycle more Efficient.

Last post:                                     My Story:                                         Next One This was my submission to an essay competition run by the Cancer Council of Australia a few years ago. It was shortlisted but didn’t take down first place unfortunately! I was probably a bit too industry/business model focused for what they were looking for! It does outline major challenges facing drug development though – something fascinating to many, for sure! Let […]