3 FEMALE Medical Students/Doctors Shave Heads for a Cure!

Last post:                                    My Story:                                        Next One: Three good friends of mine are doing something most girls can’t even imagine. They’re shaving their hair for the leukemia foundation’s #shaveforacure movement. They’re all budding doctors like me. In fact, as this was written a few years ago, THEY’RE ALL DOCTORS NOW (I couldn’t be prouder) And yes, you read right. They ARE ALL GIRLS! These girls are sacrificing a lot. […]

My Story.

Next Post: “The good news is you’re 17 and you have leukemia, but the bad news is… you’re 17 and you have leukemia.” I’d sorta known it was coming. It had been months since I’d felt right. I’d come home from school and sleep ’til eight. I was off my food. I’d been getting weaker and weaker, losing my strength and speed week by week despite training almost 2 hours a day. I’d put it down to exams and stress. But damn… it was far from that. Now what? All my – and my parents’ – last hopes had extinguished […]