Bone Marrow Transplants – The ENTIRE Process. How They Work. A Patient Guide and Story.

bone marrow transplant

Bone Marrow Transplants are scary. And they’re a unique procedure whose impacts can last longer than many regular organ transplants. But they also save lives. I’ve had 2 myself. Both were allogeneic transplants, the focus of this blog post, which is where you receive your cells from a donor. I’m a medical student and tumor vaccine researcher, but I wrote this out to outline the process for a fellow patient recently – so it’s in plain English – and it’s also more patient focused. I found, personally, that a fellow patients’ words just stuck more. So I thought I’d share it […]

3 FEMALE Medical Students/Doctors Shave Heads for a Cure!

Last post:                                    My Story:                                        Next One: Three good friends of mine are doing something most girls can’t even imagine. They’re shaving their hair for the leukemia foundation’s #shaveforacure movement. They’re all budding doctors like me. In fact, as this was written a few years ago, THEY’RE ALL DOCTORS NOW (I couldn’t be prouder) And yes, you read right. They ARE ALL GIRLS! These girls are sacrificing a lot. […]