Cannabis – Does it ACTUALLY Help with Chronic Pain?

Someone linked me this article, which seems to break some big news. I should have noticed the red flags as soon as I saw that ridiculous logo and huge picture. I mean who starts a blog post off with a large, centred picture of some generic image, right? When you dig deeper into articles that make bold claims like this though, you often will come across big issues. This article cited just one medical journal article, which claimed “93% of patients would prefer cannabis to other drugs”, and that “81% of patients reported cannabis alone being better than combining cannabis […]

How to Ignore Chronic Pain and Hack your brain to beat it. A step-by-step guide.

I wrote this up for a friend recently. And as some of you who follow me know, I’m writing a book about my experiences through cancer, and the science behind the mentality which kept me going. But I realised recently that I hadn’t written up what I wished I did have when I was suffering most from chronic pain… A step-by-step guide which showed HOW you could beat this back. The thing is – when you have something like chronic pain… everyone around you has suggestions. Eeryone suddenly becomes an expert. When you’re already so drained, physically and emotionally, from […]