Cancer Doesn’t Limit Me. What is Extracorporeal Photopheresis, and How Does It Work?

This post is from the archives – my old blog where I go into detail a lot more – explaining an old treatment I had, called Extracorporeal photopheresis! Enjoy words from old me guys! Full details on how this fascinating treatment, and my experiences of it, are below (about halfway down!).  I’m starting a new therapy soon, called “extracorporeal photopheresis”, where they take huge amounts of my blood and expose it to UV light. It’s being done to to treat my Graft Versus Host Disease, a side effect of my stem cell donor’s cells being transplanted into me (caused by […]

Cancer Patient Plays Well, and Wins Big For Charity.

Last post:                                     My Story:                                         Next One Recently, I was given some pretty bad news. I’ve got bronchiolitis obliterans, a lung manifesation of the graft versus host disease that plagues me after my bone marrow transplant. Essentially, it’s my donor’s immune system (in bone marrow transplants, you inherit the blood making cells of your donor, which includes their white blood cells) attacking me. This time though, in the lungs. […]