It’s 2019. Memes are love. Memes are life. Lol after my Dad Jokes page (which is literally just a compilation of dad jokes my dad made to keep me smiling during hospital) got a bit of traction and made a few people smile… I figured I may as well keep my memes in one place on the internet and let you enjoy. Updated regularly. There’s also a lot on my Facebook page! Enjoy! I cri evrytime =[ MLMs – Doing a piece on these soon… In the meantime – watch John Oliver’s amazing piece on this.  Something to share with […]

Dad Jokes!

During my time in hospital, and the months, years now of near isolation afterwards, my mum was the heart and head of my whole treatment. Keeping me safe, making sure I was comfortable and never alone, coordinating EVERYTHING that came with the cancer treatment, all while working, completing her MBA and keeping the house in order too (I still don’t know how she did it)… all those things.  But if she was the heart, Dad was the soul of my cancer “battle”. He kept me smiling, organized surprises and events, just him being the larrikin, the easy going person he is […]