It’s 2019. Memes are love. Memes are life.

Lol after my Dad Jokes page (which is literally just a compilation of dad jokes my dad made to keep me smiling during hospital) got a bit of traction and made a few people smile… I figured I may as well keep my memes in one place on the internet and let you enjoy. Updated regularly. There’s also a lot on my Facebook page! Enjoy!

I cri evrytime =[

MLMs – Doing a piece on these soon… In the meantime – watch John Oliver’s amazing piece on this. 

Something to share with anyone who says “tHe gOvErNmEnT iS hiDiNg tHa CuRe” lol.

It really feel like that sometimes… How alternative arseholes like this nearly killed me.

Lol memeworthy af.

This was actually something that was done LOL. I hope my startup (which uses machine learning/artificial intelligence) is this epic.

Here you go Neil! I fixed it for ya (my reaction on his really dumb tweets, that misrepresent facts, can be found here). The meme below isn’t a meme but is true nonetheless.

I’ve played poker with this legend. She’s clearly a great sport hahaha!

Pharmacist reading level: Expert.

THIS needs to be pointed out to so many people.



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