For $20, we won’t name anything after your ex for Valentines, because you’re not a dick and we support that.

And also because it leaves you the option to keep hittin dat 😉

Valentine’s is a hard day for some. Not only are beta males like us forced to watch on, desolately, as billions share their perfect love lives on social media, we’re also subjected to this shit.

It’s seems like every zoo, and every viral news site in the world have come together to form the ultimate clickholes of clickholes this year around. I was mildly annoyed by this, so, as is my God Given Right as a MILLENIAL – I put in hours (10 minutes) of work to stop this shit. Sign the to stop this shameless attempt to generate website hits, and be sure to click this link to watch each of these photos in slideshow mode to artificially inflate the views this page gets before this leaves your news cycle.



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If you actually wanna make a difference, donate a mosquito net, one of the most cost effective way to save lives and billions in lost revenue according to GiveWell – which I’m sure you can name after that bloodsucking #$*!# ex of yours too.


It was funny the first 100 times… Ok… I’ll be honest… It’s still quite funny. I’m just doing this for teh views lel.

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