For $20, we won’t name anything after your ex for Valentines, because you’re not a dick and we support that.

And also because it leaves you the option to keep hittin dat 😉 Valentine’s is a hard day for some. Not only are beta males like us forced to watch on, desolately, as billions share their perfect love lives on social media, we’re also subjected to this shit. It’s seems like every zoo, and every viral news site in the world have come together to form the ultimate clickholes of clickholes this year around. I was mildly annoyed by this, so, as is my God Given Right as a MILLENIAL – I put in hours (10 minutes) of work to […]

#LockEmUp. #MakeAlternativesGreatAgain. Why Is It OK for People to Fraudulently Spread BS on Health Online?

Scroll to the bottom to report someone who’s been making dodgy health claims! Sign the campaign to stop this here! I recently went on CoffeZilla’s podcast today, and outlined a few experiences I had with dodgy MLMers and alternative clinics who advertise on Facebook, netting them millions, and Facebook tens to hundreds of thousands. Here’s a bunch of evidence and screenshots of other conversations I’ve had with scammers/MLM grifters. It’s REALLY sad to see. For those who don’t know me… My name is Nikhil. I’m a medical researcher, medical student, and ex cancer patient. I’ve been on both sides of […]

Think Medicine Sucks? Think You Don’t Make a Difference? Try This.

So recently, a I was linked this article by many people. It’s been all over my Facebook feed, and I’ve been told to read it by many. It’s really well done and articulates the challenges of hospital well. On both the doctor’s and patient’s side. It goes into the powerlessness patients feel, the confusion they face in hospitals, and the struggle of being a junior doctor in a system that’s pushed to its limits, and seems not to care. It features some really amazing artwork, and is told in the form of a cartoon, that really does capture your eye. […]

How to Ensure Cancer Treatments Keep Imrpoving and Make the Drug Development Cycle more Efficient.

Last post:                                     My Story:                                         Next One This was my submission to an essay competition run by the Cancer Council of Australia a few years ago. It was shortlisted but didn’t take down first place unfortunately! I was probably a bit too industry/business model focused for what they were looking for! It does outline major challenges facing drug development though – something fascinating to many, for sure! Let […]