Physicians for Informed Consent and Misinforming People.

So recently, this document is being shared around by antivaxers created by a group called ‘Physicians for Informed Consent.’ The name is designed to garner trust, even though many, if not most of their members, are not physicians at all. They claim they’re not antivaxers to seem like they’re “only promoting safety,” making themselves out to be heroes, not grifters in this pandemic. They are in coalition with several anti vax organisations, and regularly make false claims and this article debunks them thoroughly and well (indeed, they are a well known quack coalition). Unfortunately it just goes to show that […]

Bone Marrow Transplants – The ENTIRE Process. How They Work. A Patient Guide and Story.

bone marrow transplant

Bone Marrow Transplants are scary. And they’re a unique procedure whose impacts can last longer than many regular organ transplants. But they also save lives. I’ve had 2 myself. Both were allogeneic transplants, the focus of this blog post, which is where you receive your cells from a donor. I’m a medical student and tumor vaccine researcher, but I wrote this out to outline the process for a fellow patient recently – so it’s in plain English – and it’s also more patient focused. I found, personally, that a fellow patients’ words just stuck more. So I thought I’d share it […]

Masks Won’t Make You Bullet (or Corona) Proof! Please Forward to People at High Risk of COVID-19!

So masks are great. We should be wearing them when we need to go out.   But they don’t make you bulletproof.   I’m writing this because I’ve seen and been talking to a couple of very high risk friends, one who’s actively getting cancer treatment, the other halfway around the world, going out with masks. When I asked one – a friend who is on chemo (I was shocked that he was going to a stranger’s birthday party while Melbourne’s lockdown was going strong) – he said that did so because he’s wearing a mask, and that he should […]

Covid19 Can Be Even More Fatal Than Early Studies Suggest, Is a Pandemic, and You SHOULD Distance! Tumor immunologist answers FAQs.

So I’ve been getting a LOT of questions about COVID-19, the name formally given to the strain of coronavirus that’s on the verge of becoming a global pandemic. I’m particularly concerned that there’s a LOT of horrible horrible misinformation being spread, and many trying to profit off of this right now – including, but not limited to – pastors trying to convince people to drink bleach to cure non-confirmed cases of the virus. But it can be really hard to get proper information on this virus and how to prevent infection and spread. Hence, I’ve put together this blog post which I’ll […]

Cannabis – Does it ACTUALLY Help with Chronic Pain?

Someone linked me this article, which seems to break some big news. I should have noticed the red flags as soon as I saw that ridiculous logo and huge picture. I mean who starts a blog post off with a large, centred picture of some generic image, right? When you dig deeper into articles that make bold claims like this though, you often will come across big issues. This article cited just one medical journal article, which claimed “93% of patients would prefer cannabis to other drugs”, and that “81% of patients reported cannabis alone being better than combining cannabis […]

Facebook is PROFITING off of ILLEGAL Medical Ads.

I am going in for open heart surgery in the next few days… Before I did, I figured, I better bring this to people’s attention. As a medical device founder, and ex cancer/chronic illness patient, I figured I was one of the best people to do so.   As I explain in this video, right now, Facebook is MANUALLY APPROVING ADs that are illegal by several jurisdictions. One example, a page and facility named VeritaLife, sells cancer patients false, unproven remedies and markets them as cures, targeting cancer patients in the process. They not only make medical claims without medical […]

Now’s not the time to talk about climate change, says party that’s never talked about climate change.

Why are you even here? We all know that 90% of these articles exist solely for a catchy headline. Now that you are, let me lure you into subscribing to my monthly newsletter that you’ll never open anyways! No but seriously, this is a tactic used by gun right advocates in the US. And it works. News cycles on dramatic events obviously ramp up clicks on a topic when something occurs. Stalling at these times leads to less talk about an issue. But in this case, that won’t really work. And you know, what. In this case, I may actually […]

Inner City Hipster Struggles to Find New Alternative Medicine Trend As All The Ludicrous Ones Are “Already Taken”.

Click to ReTweet this article – True struggles were finally outed for embattled Inner-western suburbs university student and influencer, Ketchup Sharmautar, as he opened up to his month long struggle to find anything ridiculous, yet natural, to post about trying to his 13,222 followers. “It’s not easy being me.” confessed Ketchup, “And it’s not like you can just make these up. Getting the correct balance between something left-field enough to capture attention, while still being natural enough and marketable to make a decent margin through my online store.” “The gold rush is over. The Good Old days of Urine […]

#LockEmUp. #MakeAlternativesGreatAgain. Why Is It OK for People to Fraudulently Spread BS on Health Online?

Scroll to the bottom to report someone who’s been making dodgy health claims! Sign the campaign to stop this here! I recently went on CoffeZilla’s podcast today, and outlined a few experiences I had with dodgy MLMers and alternative clinics who advertise on Facebook, netting them millions, and Facebook tens to hundreds of thousands. Here’s a bunch of evidence and screenshots of other conversations I’ve had with scammers/MLM grifters. It’s REALLY sad to see. For those who don’t know me… My name is Nikhil. I’m a medical researcher, medical student, and ex cancer patient. I’ve been on both sides of […]

How to Ensure Cancer Treatments Keep Imrpoving and Make the Drug Development Cycle more Efficient.

Last post:                                     My Story:                                         Next One This was my submission to an essay competition run by the Cancer Council of Australia a few years ago. It was shortlisted but didn’t take down first place unfortunately! I was probably a bit too industry/business model focused for what they were looking for! It does outline major challenges facing drug development though – something fascinating to many, for sure! Let […]