Iceland is beating COVID, even the delta strain, Without Lockdowns. How NSW can do this too.

So NSW’s been swamped by COVID. We’ve got over 1200 cases per day, with cases still rising. Our vaccination rate is increasing, but the Delta virus spreads, and overwhelms hospital, even in the most vaccinated nations in the world. For some reason, in this time, our premiere wants to give up and let COVID take its course. They’re even suggesting that we stop testing. We know it’s gonna swamp our hospitals, and lead to deaths, and maybe mean we can never get this under control. It’s not just seen in other nations – it’s happening in Sydney, right now! As […]

Physicians for Informed Consent and Misinforming People.

So recently, this document is being shared around by antivaxers created by a group called ‘Physicians for Informed Consent.’ The name is designed to garner trust, even though many, if not most of their members, are not physicians at all. They claim they’re not antivaxers to seem like they’re “only promoting safety,” making themselves out to be heroes, not grifters in this pandemic. They are in coalition with several anti vax organisations, and regularly make false claims and this article debunks them thoroughly and well (indeed, they are a well known quack coalition). Unfortunately it just goes to show that […]