It’s 2020 and I’m Not Sure If I’ll Be Able to Tell If It’s April Fool’s Anymore…

It’s been a wild year so far. So wild, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to tell the difference between an ordinary day and April Fool’s by what I’m gonna see on news and social media… So much for 2020 vision.Can someone call it off, just for one year maybe? Be careful, and don’t be had this April Fool’s! Be careful people. Don’t be tricked. If you’re keen for a laugh, check out this playlist I put together of the stupid stuff I’ve pulled on family/friends over the years!      

Covid19 Can Be Even More Fatal Than Early Studies Suggest, Is a Pandemic, and You SHOULD Distance! Tumor immunologist answers FAQs.

So I’ve been getting a LOT of questions about COVID-19, the name formally given to the strain of coronavirus that’s on the verge of becoming a global pandemic. I’m particularly concerned that there’s a LOT of horrible horrible misinformation being spread, and many trying to profit off of this right now – including, but not limited to – pastors trying to convince people to drink bleach to cure non-confirmed cases of the virus. But it can be really hard to get proper information on this virus and how to prevent infection and spread. Hence, I’ve put together this blog post which I’ll […]