Lose weight by hacking neuroplasticity. No diets, counting calories or willpower required. Just time. And knowledge.

I’ve been on prednisone for 8 years. It’s first line, and effective treatment for many dangerous autoimmune diseases, including my own (graft versus host disease – THE side effect of my bone marrow transplant). But it’s horrible in many ways. It disrupts your sleep, your attitude. It gave me diabetes. But arguably the worst for many is how it makes you gain weight.  After my bone marrow transplant, I went from a healthy, fit 80kg (180lb), 6’1” young man, to, at my peak, a morbidly obese 114k (a 75 pound increase), in 9 months. I went from looking like this.. […]

How NSW Can Reach COVID-ZERO without lockdowns, with Rapid Antigen Test SCREENING.

So NSW’s been swamped by COVID. We registered over 1400 cases per day, with numbers still rising. My already stretched hospital colleagues have received emails telling them that workloads will double in the next 2 weeks. Our vaccination rate is increasing, but the Delta virus spreads, and overwhelms hospital, even in the most vaccinated nations in the world. For some reason, in this time, our premiere and prime minister wants to give up and let COVID take its course. They’re comparing living with COVID-19, to living with the flu. They’re even suggesting that we stop testing. We know it’s gonna swamp […]