Big Pharma Can’t Hide “The Cure/s.” If They Existed, Pharmaceuticals Would Already Have Made BILLIONS Off of It. Wake Up Sheeple. They’re Not Dumb!

So this all started from a Facebook discussion. Yet again, I found myself trying to reason with a brick wall of denial, conspiracy theories and anti-science, baseless rhetoric that is often espoused from the mouth of a “woke” hippy. Towards the end of it, as many who defend Alternative Medicine end up claiming, the lady I was talking to said, “The ONLY reason why there isn’t research for this is because BIG PHARMA can’t PROFIT from anything nAtUrAl.” And that from there, this lady went on to insinuate that 10million researchers and doctors, along with half or billion or so […]

Cannabis – Does it ACTUALLY Help with Chronic Pain?

Someone linked me this article, which seems to break some big news. I should have noticed the red flags as soon as I saw that ridiculous logo and huge picture. I mean who starts a blog post off with a large, centred picture of some generic image, right? When you dig deeper into articles that make bold claims like this though, you often will come across big issues. This article cited just one medical journal article, which claimed “93% of patients would prefer cannabis to other drugs”, and that “81% of patients reported cannabis alone being better than combining cannabis […]

The Top 10 Hospital Hacks and Tips to Keep You Safe, and SANE During Hospital.

This is going to be a compilation of the top 1000 tips to keep you happy and healthy during hospital… one of the most dangerous and boring places in the world. Though I won’t have 10 in here RIGHT away, I’ll keep adding to this until I do, so make sure to sign up to my email list to hear when the latest addition has been made to this – and check out my free books there too if you enjoy these! Tip 1 – Keep Everything CLOSE and at Hand It may seem redundant, but believe me when I […]

Is the Flu Vaccine Killing Tumor Cells Real, or just Hype? How Excited Should We Be? Tumor Vaccine Researcher Weighs In.

So you guys may have seen this in your news feed recently, and I thought I’d give my $0.02 on it as a tumor vaccine researcher. It’s pretty exciting stuff, always, to see innovations occurring but this kind of thing is something we’ve known and been doing or decades. There are several ways in which tumor vaccines work. The difference between them and traditional, preventative vaccines are that tumor vaccines are usually THERAPEUTIC. They basically try and create specifically targeted immune cells that target your cancers through using proteins, or bits of DNA or even just killing off whole tumor […]