Thank you RNSH Hospital ICU for Saving My Life. #OnTheBrink

So last week was one of the most tumultuous of my already tumultuous life. I was diagnosed with leuakaemia at 17, and given a 10-20% chance of surviving, I’d relapsed the year later and been told palliative care might be my best option, I’ve lost an eye, and nearly been blinded in another 3 times since, developed a third, fortunately benign tumour (though it didn’t look that way) in my 4th right rib, and arguably worst of all, faced 2 years of agony. Suicidal. Completely void of hope due to chronic pain. And then there was last week.   I’ve […]

Climate Change. Why Greta is Right. And HOW we can convey her message even better!

So I’m in hospital, about to get open heart surgery. That sucks. It is scary, and it could potentially kill me – hopefully not because like… doctors are really good at this stuff.    I actually started getting short of breath for the first time right as the Sydney marches were occurring. I would have gone if I could have, but unfortunately, it probably wasn’t too safe.  But just in case something goes wrong, and just to get this out there… I thought I’d talk about climate change 1 time, and the huge climate marches that have gone one behind […]