Wanna hire Nikhil to Speak?

He speaks for free, for charities, schools, or companies doing good work! (100% of speaking fees, goes to medical research and his social enterprise- namely, www.gettosleepeasy.org and caroundyou.com)

Download his speaker profile here: https://nikhilautar.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Nikhil-Autar-Speaking-Card-Nov-2019-with-rates.pdf

He is serious – if you are a worthy organisation or doing worthy things, he will consider talking or joining programs for free or heavily discounted rates if you ask him! Contact him directly at info at nikhilautar.com if you’re interested.

Contact him at info[at]nikhilautar.com or www.nikhilautar.com/contact for more info!

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