My Huge Clock. Humour in Hospital #4

Before you get all worked up, re-read the title. 

As it is Christmas today, I thought I’d share the best gift I’d ever gotten. 

You see, in hospital, while getting my treatment (i.e. chemotherapy and radiation), I’d often wake up with intense pain or nausea, often finding myself drenched in sweat. And every time that happened, I got scared.  
But the worst thing about that was that I’d wake up in the middle of night and not know whether I’d had 5 hours or 5 minutes of sleep… not know whether the doctors or blood collectors would be coming in soon, giving me ample time to sleep, or if they were hours away. 
I couldn’t help but panic when that happened. 
I used to always complain about this. But one day my uncle overheard me. And he thought up an ingenious solution for this problem. 
He set out to get me a clock. 
This is what he got me…
To this day, I can remember my jaw dropping as he unveiled this masterpiece. And never again did I feel that panic when I’d wake up at night. Instead I’d be left smiling at the most ridiculous gift I’d ever gotten. 
The clock itself was a godsend. For the first time, I was lifted out of the confusion that is hospital, where I’d be stuck inside 4 walls, left to sit in a constantly chilled 24 degrees Celsius without any knowledge of what was going on in the outside world. I wouldn’t worry about whether or not I should bother to get back to sleep. I was, for the first time, in power in hospital. 
But, to be honest, I think the best thing about this gift was the little thrill and that suppressed giggle I’d have every time a nurse burst into the room and said;
“My Nikhil! What a large CLOCK you have!”
Merry Christmas everyone. 
Wish you and your families all the best for the next year, and hope this can help put a smile on you or your loved ones’ faces. <– If you or a loved one needs help or if you enjoy my blogs or if you’re interested in medicine, like my page on facebook =]

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