So I’ve got diabetes now too…

So yeah. 14 days ago now, I found out, in hospital I had diabetes. We went in for super high fat levels. Turns out it wasn’t the kebabs, but high blood sugar causing this. I was hoping it would be steroid induced. I just vlogged about it here:


But I have a LOT of questions that I guess only patients can answer. The little, tiny things – like:

1) Where and how do you prick (for insulin and blood glucose monitoring) EXACTLY to minimise pain?
2) Got any ideas of what things I can eat? I’m low carbs AND low fat.
3) I went really low, blood sugar wise, after exercising a chunk the other day. Even when I’m on insulin, how do I manage this? Should I keep some #gatorade or #jellysnakes at all time and take them when I’m feeling tired?
4) I’ve got a severe autoimmune-like disease, how do I tell if I’m hypo, or just having a bad day, or flare up?
5) Any devices or recommendations you can make for this all?
6) Is there an app for all this (the blood sugar app is OK, but like what works for you guys)?
7) Any good resources? Anyone I should follow with this?
8) What are your anecdotal experiences of medicines etc? (Don’t give medical advice in the comments, but do share your personal experiences!)

I just have a LOT of questions., I’ll try and compile the answers.

But I’ll try and share as I learn as well, because though I thought I got it, there’s so many tiny things that are confusing with this disease. But I’m getting there. One thing I’ve been doing – I’m cooking a lot now. And it’s been fun, being able to cook without cutting myself and feeling tireder after a meal (since my cramps are a LOT better). I’ll share those recipes too, because they’re actually so good!
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