Trump’s Corruption – a log.

OK so I put together a video outlining Trump’s corruption and comparing it to Biden’s alleged corruption. The difference between the two is quite remarkable.


Biden’s Allegations of corruption;

Trump approves pipeline he had at least $1-2million investments in.

The leader of the free world sells beans.

Trump golf count; it only calculates the cost of travel, by the way. The actual charges Donald charges his own hotels for his trips (which is quite high) is equally astronomical.

Ivanka Trump’s brand that was promoted by the press secretary.


Trump leases his own officer for $2.4million from 2017 – 18

Jared Kushner and Trump’s business advisor taking almost $1billion directly from their first trip to Saudi Arabia.

Further Trump ties to Saudi Arabia which started decades ago.

Kushner’s sister sold Visas to Chinese businessmen for $500,000 investment into their business.


This reportedly increased to $3million/year around America after the first 18 months. He also claims COVID-19 relief for this.

The Saudi $1.4billion bailout of the Kushner family, right as a $1.4bn mortgage payment was due.

This directly led to Trump changing his stance from calling them a terrorist state to saving them from a war that would have destroyed them.

Tom Price buys $90,000 in pharma stock just before passing policies which further increased patent protection for them.

Michael Flynn takes $33,000 from Russia Today – one of the largest promoters of fake news in 2016.

Steve Bannon steals $1.4million from a Go Fund Me for the border wall (through channeling it into his not for profit, and spending on himself.


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